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You can display all stored Awards for a selected letter or for a selected Pagerank. The data within the table may be sorted by clicking on a table header. The meaning of the headers is explained at the end of this page.

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Explanation of the table headers:

Name The name is just used as an identifier for the different websites. Clicking onto a name will lead you to the corresponding site.

Language The language the website is using. In case a site supports multiple languages I stored only the language which were set on default when I visited the site.

PR PR is the abreviation for the "Pagerank" which was invented by Google to evaluate the importance of websites.

Backlink Indicates whether a backlink is needed for getting an award. "No" means that there exists at least one possibility to get promoted without linking back. "Yes" signals that a backlink is required to get considered for promotion. A "$" marks those listings where I have found no possibility to request an award without paying a fee.

Date The date I visited the website to collect the given data. This helps you deciding whether the given data might be outdated already.

Theme This column indicates whether an award or a certificate is archived. An award is choosen by a jury of any kind, while a certificate is granted for fulfilling a sample of given rules.

"They came to see and to be seen as well"
- Ovid